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Aug. 4th, 2011 | 12:30 am
mood: awake awake

 So.....not sure how motivated I will to be keeping up this habit of updating, but I got bored tonight and came across this, so I decided to give it a face lift, and give it a go. I'm currently fighting with myself to stay up late since I am working night shift this weekend, and instead of going and re-making a whole new journal, this will do. 

SO updates on my life wha??

I'm currently working at Wabush Mines as a truck driver...I went to school back in September and got my Heavy Equipment Trade in Sussex, NB.
John and I are starting our journey of house shopping and saving for that.
I'm seriously thinking about my half sleeve but having problems on who I could get to draw it up and whatever.
I want a cat. Lol.
Life is good - I can't complain, I have good friends, and a good job...I can't wait to start getting a place.

New Journal, Once Again.

Feb. 29th, 2008 | 07:11 pm
mood: bored bored
music: Peccatum - The Moribund People

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